Videos: Nexus One In Depth Review

The Google Nexus One has been out for a while now and the guys over at pocketnow have given the latest Android smartphone out of Google an in-depth review covering just about everything and complete with several videos.

And we thought we’d bring those Nexus One videos to you for your viewing pleasure; there are five in all totalling a Nexus One viewing time of just over half an hour, so slot a bit of time aside to watch them below.

The five videos are the Nexus One hardware tour, an unboxing, Nexus One home screens and Live wallpaper, applications, and video camera demonstration. Their conclusion is although the Nexus One isn’t as ‘revolutionary’ as expected it is the best Android smartphone available.

I could relay most of the review to you here, but I’m sure you’d rather check out the videos below, and you can always hit up pocketnow for the full review, but make sure you come back and drop us a comment on your thought.

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