Apple iPad UK Release Date: WiFi March, 3G April, what about new iPhone 4G?

Steve, excuse me Mr Jobs, have we got your attention? Thankyou for the UK release of the Apple iPad tablet, which is going to be April 2010 but could you give us some info on the all new iPhone 4G or whatever then name will be please.

It clearly shows that the iPhone 4G is more important to our readers than the iPad if you look at this poll we done here (iPhone 4G Please: 91.0%, 1,704 Votes). Sorry we mentioned earlier about iPad news overload, but what the heck might as well join them in giving you the news. Oh iPhone 4G where are you.

Anyway for those that do love the tablet PC you will be happy to know that the Wi-Fi version will ship in late March according to Apple’s UK Web site, and 3G will release in April. Cnet (Crave) has a good question “Will the iPad arrive on Orange, Vodafone or even Tesco?”

Apple’s website clearly shows: Wi-Fi models shipping in late March, 3G models shipping in April and UK pricing to be announced. Learn more here.

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