Free Nokia Ovi Maps Downloaded 1.4 Million times

Putting pressure on the more traditional navigation devices, the free Nokia Ovi Maps navigation application has now been downloaded 1.4 million times since Nokia made the app available on the 21st of January reports an article over on mobile-ent.

Anssi Vanjoki, EVP of Nokia has said that when Nokia announced their free walk and drive navigation they knew it would be a game changer and the number of people using their Nokia handset for navigation is growing faster the predicted.

Apparently Nokia Ovi Maps surpassed the 1 million milestone just a week after the new version was launched and Vanjoki has stated that this is good news for operators and developers alike.

Nokia has said that the most popular country in terms of download of Nokia Ovi Maps is China followed by Italy then the UK, Germany and Spain with the most popular mobile handset being the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.


One thought on “Free Nokia Ovi Maps Downloaded 1.4 Million times”

  1. meanone says:

    Don't believe what Nokia tells you about download figures as they fiddle the numbers themselves. Nokia are not interested in Quality, only in pretending to develop "cool and trendy" apps that no one can use properly or want. Failure of ovi.com and web/mobile devices is in evident still today in ALL blogs and forums and the N8 is a such a joke that some review sites claim they can't even take some pictures of the device as it is too ugly. I don't think the new CEO has the balls to sack these "trendy developers" in Berlin who are burning Nokia's money so I guess the poor quality will continue. On the issue of figures an architect at Nokia Berlin has only just recently produced a system to analyse the web logs and that is over a year late! how poor is that.

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