Google Looking for Android Nexus One Support Manager

As most are aware, customer support for the Google Nexus One superphone was found somewhat lacking when Nexus One owners experience issues with the smartphone, mainly due to Google not having any phone support.

This led to customers venting their anger on forums over the requirement the email Android support with a response time of up to three days, which simply isn’t good enough.

However, according to an article over on labnol.org, this may soon change as it looks like Google is looking for a Phone Support Program Manager for Android and the Nexus One.

Google’s job portal states whoever gets the position will be “responsible for ramping up and managing operations of Google’s telephone support for our direct-to-consumer Android/Nexus One customer.”

So it does look like Google is removing their finger from wherever it was lodged and finally looking to offer some direct customer support for the Nexus One and any future mobile phones.

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