Apple iPhone 4.0 OS Features Recap: Do you like?

Lets refresh our memories a little with what we know so far about the Apple iPhone 4.0 OS features. Okay remember though that most of these are actually rumours and not a lot is concrete.

When the 4.0 features were initially leaked they did look great nobody can deny that there were said to be some new syncing abilities for contacts, some kind of multitasking upgrade and more.

Probably one of the biggest rumours was that you would be able to move individual contacts to your home screen and you would get some other stalker bits thrown in. and as an added bonus if a particular contact of yours was nearby in relation to your location they would show up as an icon on your home screen. Amazing stuff.

The newest rumour is that from Apple Insider with reference to an Apple patent application which allows you to share your location with a contact at the simple press of a button. Stay tuned as we hear more we will let you know. Source – examiner.com

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