New iPhone (4G) may support HD (720p) video recording?

This will make your ears certainly prick up if you an avid iPhone fan who also has an interest in videos. Sound like something you may be interested in reading about then here’s something to cheer you up.

It has been reported that the next generation iPhone, you know the thing that everybody is talking about at the moment, well it might support HD 720p video recording that according to the latest of the rumours.

So far all three generations of the iPhone have been a bit of a let down in terms of video recording and also the image quality hasn’t been up to much. But it seems this now be about to change.

The new iPhone which as we know is going to be made by Pegatron may come with a snappier processor and is more than likely going to be able to playback and also record videos is HD quality. There are a couple of handsets within the current market that can do videos in HD namely the Samsung Omnia HD and the Sony Ericsson Kurara. Source – techtree.com

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