Samsung M100s Android 2.1 Phone specs and details

Well this has truly shocked and left a few open mouths out there, the Samsung M100 details just a week before Mobile World Congress.

That Korean giant hasn’t wasted any time in formally announcing the M100’s bound for MWC a new Android powered mobile which is just dripping in it.

Unlike the forthcoming Motorola Devour the Samsung M100s will be running on the latest Android version 2.1 with Samsung’s very own TouchWiz interface on the surface.

As with the majority of Samsung’s top end phones the display is an AMOLED panel with a 3.7 inch screen combine that with the 854 x 480 resolution. that’s sound good doesn’t it? There’s more it also has a TV tuner and a 3.5mm headphone jack on board as well making it a perfect partner for mobile video. It is expected to launch next month, so keep em peeled. Source – fonehome.co.uk

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