January Sees 80,000 Nexus One Superphones Sold

Compared to the initial sales figures of the Apple iPhone and even the Motorola Droid, the Nexus One pales in comparison with the Nexus One only shifting 20,000 in its debut week, and it appears that trend continued for the rest of January.

According to analytics group Flurry, the Google Nexus One superphone sold 80,000 units in the course of the month, maintaining the debut figure of 20,000 per week, reports an article over on i4u.

80,000 in a month is a reasonable quantity for what would be classified as a normal smartphone, but isn’t good enough to compete against the iPhone or even the Motorola Droid, but bear in mind the Nexus One is only functional via T-Mobile’s network at present.

Having said that, 20,000 per week is a steady number and if Google can maintain that rate until the Nexus One hits Verizon and Vodafone come springtime they could well see a good increase in sales.

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