AT&T customers could die if iPhone hack went ahead

Apparently it has come to light that last December, Dan Lyons attempted to rally AT&T iPhone customers into revolting against AT&T over their poor network service for the iPhone reports an article over on techeye.

The attempt was called Operation Chokehold and was to get every iPhone user to turn on a data application and run that application fro an hour as noon Pacific time. Lyons said…“Send the message to AT&T that we are sick of their substandard network….Join us and speak truth to power!”

Operation Chokehold failed due to the US Federal Communications Commission’s chief of public safety and homeland security stepping in and telling Lyons if the attempt went ahead it would basically be terrorism and people would die if the attempt overloaded AT&T’s 911 system.

John Stankey, AT&T Operations President has admitted that AT&T underestimated the popularity of the iPhone and just how often users would use the phone. The article further states that if AT&T did upgrade to what iPhone users demand it would cripple profits.

However, customer action is on the up with John Rust forming the Three Musketeers which is dedicated to annoying AT&T comprising of Rust, Dylan Pine and Peter Serven who are working with developers to create an online mapping service for AT&T users to post ‘dead zones’, and also organising ‘flash mobs’ to picket AT&T stores.

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