Apple Really Doesn’t Like Android

Apple’s stranglehold over what can be used and can’t be used in their iTunes App Store is getting a firmer grip of the words it allows. Apple has already censored the use of words such as ‘booty’ and boobs, and now they have taken a dislike to the word Android.

According to an article over on appscout, Apple in their infinite wisdom have now banned the use of Android in application descriptions.

Apparently the original preview of Flash of Genius SAT flashcard app from Tim Novikof mentioned it has been a finalist in Google’s Android Developer Challenge, and Novikof was told by Apple to remove the word Android.

Now obviously the only reason for such a move is that Android happens to be a rival mobile operating system, so maybe Apple looks on it as free advertising, but really isn’t Apple being a tad childish about it as being a finalist in Google’s Android Developer Challenge is no small deal.

One wonders if Apple is to make future attempts to have any mention of Android or other rival platforms such as BlackBerry and the like removed from iPhone dictionaries and the like.

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