Pwnage Tool for iPhone 3.1.3 Jailbreak Available

The cat and mouse iPhone operating system continues with Apple updating the iPhone OS and the iPhone Dev Team pushing out jailbreak solutions and according to an article over on ubergizmo, the iPhone Dev Team has now made Pwnage Tool for iPhone 3.1.3 available.

The latest version of the iPhone OS, iPhone 3.1.3 doesn’t really offer a great deal but no doubt most iPhoners will update anyway, so if you did install iPhone 3.1.3 and still want to jailbreak your iPhone then this new Pwnage Tool will do the job.

The latest release of Pwnage Tool is version 3.1.5 for Mac and is compatible with the latest iPhone operating system and will even preserve your iPhone handsets ultrasn0w unlock and keep it jailbroken.

However as usual it is highly recommended you back up all your iPhone data before attempting to jailbreak and check out the iPhone Dev Team website.


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