Adobe Flash 10.1 not with us until quarter 2

Most of us are now starting to get a bit impatient as we have been waiting and waiting for Flash on our non Sense UI Androids for a long while now.

Since it was demonstrated on the GI we have been waiting its arrival and although we’ve been expecting it to arrive early this year it now seems that’s not going to happen.

Product marketing manager for Flash Platform, Adobe, Google and other members of the Open Screen Project Adrian Ludwig has said that they are working together to ensure the full web experience can be delivered on the largest number of devices.

Full Flash Player 10.1 still needs some enhancements to existing versions of Android, and those are now expected to become available as an upgrade starting in Quarter 2.
Not really sure which was this will go as it is still possible that version 2.1 may be able to get full flash 10.1, also another possibility is that Flash lite could find its way to all Android devices until the main enhancements have been achieved. Source – androidcommunity.com

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