Confirmed: Android 2.1 Hitting HTC Hero in March

That’s right, after all the rumours hitting the net waves of Android 2.1 coming to the HTC Hero, an article over on pocket-lint now states that an HTC team in the Netherlands has confirmed the Android 2.1 update will hit the HTC Hero in March.

No doubt several HTC Hero users have already rooted their Hero and installed custom ROMs, but probably the majority of HTC Hero owners have been eagerly awaiting Android 2.1 to hit, so next month is looking good.

Apparently HTC Sense is also getting a bit of an overhaul reports the article and there will be a friend stream widget that aggregates user updates across services and also delivers better support for Exchange and a few other tweaks.

One should remember though as this confirmations comes via Netherlands is may not necessarily apply to UK HTC Hero owners, but as the word is Ireland has the same date for Android 2.1 it should be a Europe wide rollout or maybe even worldwide.

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