Google Nexus One car kit on show

Come on, lets be honest about this, we have all been sucked in with all the hype and lots of chatter around the Google Nexus One haven’t we. So surely then this won’t or shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

We all knew that the Google Nexus One car dock was on its way to us although nobody really knew when we should expect to see it. Bearing in mind that Google wasted no time at all in releasing their rather nice looking desk top dock.

Also remember, the Nexus One is preloaded with a turn by turn navigation application which has a dedicated in car interface so of course a car dock would be the next step wouldn’t it.

Strangely enough though Google have kept their lips held tightly shut around this, so imagine the surprise as what your about to see looks like it is an actual Nexus One car dock at around a minute into the video clip in one of the latest Nexus One promo videos. Have a look and see what you think. Source – asia.cnet.com


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