Apple and Microsoft Sued over Patent Infringement by Emblaze

Looks like both Microsoft and Apple are heading to the law courts once again as now apparently the parent company of the makes of the First Else, Emblaze have filed a complaint over patent infringement reports an article over on engadget via Reuters.

The word is Emblaze claim Microsoft’s Silverlight Smooth Streaming infringes they patent, while Apple infringes their patent with their HTTP Live Streaming on the iPhone, although Emblaze hasn’t enlightened on which patent is being infringed.

Apparently Emblaze has notified both Apple and Microsoft and they have until the 15th of March to respond. Naftali Shani, chairman of Emblaze said that although they are happy to license their tech to 3rd-parties, they will “vigorously defend” their rights and competitive position.

As for Microsoft and Apple, as usual none have made any comment on the patent infringement claims from Emblaze.

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