Sagem Puma Phone to Launch Next Week

Way back in October 09, Sagem announced their Puma Phone, well according to an article over on mobile crunch, the Sagem Puma Phone will launch next week, and they also managed to snag an image of the rear of the Puma Phone.

Apparently the Sagem Puma Phone will be targeted towards sporty types and looks to be a touch screen handset with GPS, IM, a sports new app, stopwatch, pedometer, bike/run tracking apps, camera of some description, video chat, and a ‘music turntable.’

As one can see from the image, the Sagem Puma Phone also sports a solar panel to its rear side, and will deliver access to Puma World and various Puma games and applications.

Of course any pricing for the Sagem Puma Phone is currently unavailable, but maybe Sagem will launch the Puma Phone during Mobile World Congress, until then they do have a teaser website that has now gone live (here)

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