Apple sells two iPhones for every touchscreen Nokia sells

Touchscreen technology is phenomenal as we know, its so simple and easy to use it hasn’t really come as a great surprise, just how much it has taken off.

Most touchscreen user interfaces are intuitive so learning to use them can actually be fun. Both user input and display are rolled as one, thus having the desired effect of reducing the actual size of the device.

Industry analyzers at Canalys have recently been studying the current trend in sales of smartphones and other devices that are using touchscreen technology. Not surprisingly really Apple are still at the top with sales of touchscreen phones continuing to grow.

Their competitor is Nokia, selling one touchscreen device for every two iPhones that Apple are selling. On the subject of operating systems the Symbian OS is still top of the shop followed by RIM Research In Motion and Apple’s systems. Look out for the upcoming Samsung Bada smartphone which is expected to have a superb AMOLED touchscreen. Source – blog.moby1.co.uk

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