Mobile companies in India Valentine’s offers

Come on guys only two days to go before Valentines day, and many mobile companies in India know how important this day is.

There are usually special offers cool deals etc to get your heart pounding and it would seem that this year is know different.

Uninor, which happens to be the brand name of Unitech Wireless. This is Uninor’s first year in India and the company have announced the Uninor 143 pack for their Andhra Pradesh subscribers, it contains two SIM cards with 2000 minutes of free talk time over the two cards with Rs.30 talk time included in both cards which have a lifetime validity also.

Airtel have announced unlimited offer whereby Airtel fixed line customers can talk as much as they want for February 7th, 14th and 21st. There is also an offer for mobile phone customers as well, BlackBerry users can have unlimited chat and email service at just Rs99 per month. For more information visit Indian-tech-news

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