iPhone Trademark Finally Officially Owned by Apple

Yes folks apparently that iPhone trademark which Apple has been using was in question as for years there has been a battle between Apple, Canadian firm Cornwave and Cisco who said they owned the iPhone trademark.

However, according to an article over on patently apple, three years after Apple boss Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone back in 2007, Apple has now secured the iPhone trademark and is now as of the 9th of February 2010 an official trademark of Apple Inc.

The registration will cover the brand name ‘iPhone’ along with the famous Apple logo under the registration number of 3,746,840 which covers international classes 9, 28 and 38.

Now that Apple officially owns the iPhone name one can presume that the next step will be for Apple to make sure they also own the name iPad which they officially filed for on the 27th of January.

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