iPhone will gain Adobe Flash eventually says Adobe

Will it or won’t it, that is the big question when it comes to the Apple iPhone and Adobe Flash. Apple seems to be adamant the iPhone will never carry Flash; however apparently Adobe is not of the same opinion as they believe Apple will give in to public pressure and one day allow Flash onto the iconic iPhone.

According to an article over on pcpro, Adobe made the claim that Flash will eventually come to the iPhone as they announced their Air platform for mobile phones, a platform that enables developers to create Flash apps which can be delivered via app stores.

Adobe Platform Business chief, David Wadhwani states that Adobe has published tools which enable developers to convert Flash apps into apps which will work on the iPhone, and also says that they personally believe that open distribution will be the model which prevails and ultimately it will be the consumer that decides.

Wadhwani also remarked that Adobe rejects the accusation that Flash is ‘buggy’ and that Apple wants to move rich content off the web into the App Store which will probably happen as more handsets hit the market, thus Apple will have more market pressure to include Flash in the iPhone.

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