Verizon Goes BOGO with All Android and Palm as of 16th

Apparently the Big Red is running their Buy One, Get One Free promo once again and the word is asof today the 16th of February, Verizon will include all Android based and Palm webOS based smartphone in their BOGO deal reports an article over on the BGR.

So that means if you are looking for an Android or Palm smartphone on the Verizon network , now is the time to take advantage and grab not one but two.

The Verizon BOGO prom means you can snatch yourself a Motorola Droid and get one free, a Motorola Droid Eris and get one free, or the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus both with another free, the second handset being of course of equal or lesser value.

But apparently with this BOGO offer from Verizon you get to mix-n-match your handsets so basically you could opt for a feature phone with a Windows Mobile phone, or a Motorola Droid with a Palm Pre Plus, the choice is yours, but remember as with all BOGO promos it comes with a two year contract.

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