MWC 2010 Video: Morrestown Prototype from Aava Mobile

Originally, Intel showed off the second Morrestown based handset from Aava Mobile back at CES, but the Morrestown prototype did show up at the Intel booth at Mobile World Congress 2010 and the guys over at engadget got some hands-on time with it.

They say the striking thing about the handset is how much smaller it is than the LG GW990 smartphone and possible up to 70% smaller by surface area and comes in at 11.7mm thick.

The prototype actually supports Moblin and Android and will also support Meego once it becomes available. Spec wise it has 3G, GPS, WiFi, the next generation Atom core, and a unser interface which looks much like a proof of concept rather than a phone ready UI.

While the guys were playing with the prototype naturally they have the video camera rolling to capture the occasion and we have said video for your viewing pleasure below, so check it out and enjoy.

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