Nexus One Should Have Been Made by Sony Ericsson?

Wondered why Google chose HTC to manufacture the Google Nexus One superphone? Well it could be because Google’s other choice; Sony Ericsson turned the opportunity of manufacturing the Nexus One down reports an article over on engadget.

Apparently, Bert Norberg, the head of Sony Ericsson told Sweden’s Sydsvenskan that Sony Ericsson was originally asked by Google to build the Google Nexus One before HTC but decided to refuse.

Norberg states that Sony Ericsson is committed to only building their own branded mobile phones and will not be a subcontractor to anyone, and thus snubbed the opportunity to cash in on Google’s Android superphone.

Still no doubt HTC are quite happy with the outcome, what with all the media coverage that was associated with the Nexus One when it was first unveiled; something that Sony Ericsson could have probable done with, well there’s always next time.

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