Vertu Ascent X spotted at FCC

If you are into luxury mobile phones you’ll no doubt of heard of Nokia’s luxury arm Vertu, and while snooping the FCC the guys over at engadget happened across something that isn’t often seen passing through the FCC and that is a Vertu handset.

Apparently there isn’t a great deal to see other than a line art shot of the luxury device and that FCC documentation have it as the Vertu Ascent X carrying an FCC ID of P7QRM-589V.

Apparently the documentation also states that the Vertu Ascent X differs from standard models through materials, craftsmanship and quality, and is available in a number of “cosmetic finishes,” such as metal for metal, RF Neutral/leather and others.

The Vertu Ascent X according to the docs will support quad-band HSPA 800/850/1900/2100; however any other detail on this luxury handset is so far scant, but one thing is for sure, if it’s a Vertu it will cost you an arm if not an arm and a leg.

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