BlackBerry Storm 9520 Official OS Available

The BlackBerry Storm 9520 smartphone can now gain the official OS from the BlackBerry download site, and OS has been released by Vodafone AUS and Fiji reports an article over on crackberry.

They also state that this official OS version for the BlackBerry Storm 9520 has been based on a previously leaked version, however if you did skip over the leaked version now you can gain the official version.

As this Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9520 is based on a leak presumable it will contain everything is said leaked version but if you come across anything new feel free to let us know.

Again as this is an official OS release we can dispense with our usual disclaimer, but make sure you back up your data beforehand; so all that’s left is for you to go grab the latest official release for your BlackBerry Storm 9520.

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