Motorola Cliq software update 1.3.18 brings issues

Motorola recently delivered a new software solution for their first Android based handset the Motorola Cliq. The update 1.3.18 which was released over the air for all users of the Motorola Cliq on T Mobile.

The update appears to have created a number of issues though apparently solving others. When the update was advertised by Motorola it stated that users should download over the air and to expect to see improvements to the Motorola’s battery life.

Touchscreen sensitivity, GPS and other functions all to have been improved. However, a number of T Mobile customers have already voiced their own opinions on forums that there are issues that the new solution has created and it would seem some are of a rather serious nature.

There is a problem with the date and time, there are problems with the touch keyboard, issues with text messaging, G mail, contacts not syncing amongst others. The carrier has said that they are aware of the situation and are working on resolving the problems as soon as possible. Source – news.softpedia.com

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