Palm Deploys Brand Ambassadors to Verizon Stores

You know something isn’t quite right when a mobile phone company’s financial expectations fall short, it’s bound to cause a little nervousness and unrest with employees, and you know something is wrong when said employees are sent a reassuring letter from the company CEO.

According to an article over on the WSJ via engadget, Palm CEO, Jon Rubenstein, dispatched an employee wide letter explaining the situation and calming the nerves over the way the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus have launched with Verizon, something Rubinstein clearly isn’t too happy with.

In the letter Rubinstein notes that a plan is already in place to mount a fresh campaign across several mediums including the deployment of 200 “Palm Brand Ambassadors” in Verizon stores to help get the reps up to speed with the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

Rubinstein also states that Palm has roughly $500 million in cash to play with and full financial results will be announced in March. Whether this strategy will pay off for Palm remains to be seen, so as soon as we hear more we’ll pass it along.

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