HTC Incredible or Supersonic Captured on Video?

We have for your viewing consideration today a video of a smartphone presumed to be the HTC Supersonic which rumour has it packs WiMAX and Android along with an impressive spec list which is destined for the Sprint network sometime later this year.

The Video comes courtesy of the guys over at engadget and only last a very short 40 seconds, but the guys do state that you can make out the red earpiece grill seen in previous pictures which suggest this isn’t the HTC Incredible but rather the HTC Supersonic.

However, the original video was pulled but the guys found another and apparently commenters have noted that the device sports what looks like a navigation pad at its bottom which the HTC Supersonic doesn’t have and therefore may well be the HTC Incredible, or even another smartphone from HTC.

That’s about all we have for now, so head on down and check out the video and let us know your views on whether you feel this is the HTC Incredible, Supersonic or some other device…enjoy.

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