Skype No VoIP for users of Windows Mobile Operating System

Both Windows Mobile Skype and Skype Lite applications have been withdrawn. Skype is no longer going to offer its free VoIP application to users of the Windows Mobile Operating system.

The app for Windows Mobile has been pulled over concerns over its performance by the Luxembourg based VoIP giant. Peter Parkes explained on the Skype website that as part of their continual review of their mobile range they have decided to make a few changes to their line-up.

Bad news for those that wanted it as Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Phones are no longer there for you to download. Apparently it is a decision that wasn’t taken lightly, however, the reason behind the decision is a simple one. Neither of the apps offered a great Skype experience.

Peter Parkes also said that Skype Lite isn’t that widely supported and often in places that it is it fails to provide actual free calls. don’t panic though if you already have Skype for Windows Mobile and like the way it works it will continue to work on your device. Source – knowyourmobile.com

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