Video: Another Sonim XP2 Spirit Demonstration

During Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Sonim demonstrated the toughness of their latest rugged handset the Sonim XP2 Spirit whereby they had various people hammer a nail into a piece of wood with the handset, you can view the original post (here)

Well we have another Sonim XP2 Spirit demo video for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile which as the same hammering of a nail into wood, but also has the user smashing the handset down onto the edge of a desk.

You may remember that this was attempted in the first video test and the handset cracked, well this time round it survives and the guys does remind that in the BBC test at CES 2010, it did take 19 times to actually smash the Sonim XP2 Spirit.

So it would appear that claiming that the Sonim XP2 Spirit is the world’s toughest phone seems to hold true; hit up the video below and enjoy.

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