Verizon to carry new Microsoft Project Pink

Looks like the Big Red may be turning a lighter shade of pink in the near future, as according to an article over on product-reviews, the upcoming Microsoft Project Pink may well be launching on the Verizon network quite soon.

They gain their info via slashgear who in turn say that gizmodo received a promo pack which tip a Microsoft Project Pink near launch. The word floating the net waves is that the first project pink smartphone will be called the “Turtle” and that the handsets operating system will be messaging and social media centric.

Apparently the guys over at gizmodo are holding on tight about the information so no other details emerge just yet other than a single image, so at this moment it’s a matter of wait and see what else comes about.

Having said that, to me that “project pink” phone image sure looks a lot like a Palm type of device, at least it does show it will be a slider of some sorts; more as and when we hear.


One thought on “Verizon to carry new Microsoft Project Pink”

  1. Whenever I see a new phone with a sliding keyboard, it makes me think that these companies don’t like making money. And why “PINK”…is Paris Hilton endorsing this? C’mon Microsoft, I was expecting you guys to be smarter.

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