Sony Smartphone playing PSP games vs. Apple iPhone

Looks like Sony is going to go up against the likes of Apple with its new smartphone that plays PSP games, does this mean that Sony will be right up there with the iPhone?

This all new smartphone device from Sony will be able to download and play PSP games according to WSJ (Wall Street Journal), the company wishes to be just as good if not better than the Apple iPhone Platform and they need to do something to bump up its sales.

Sony will be releasing its new Sony Online Service (SOS) sometime in 2010 and could possibly be an iTunes competitor; this new service was mentioned in 2009. Sony already have a great name for themselves with its portable devices and if they can pull this new gaming smartphone off then we can see some major competiveness happen.

Do you really think that Sony can beat Apple’s gaming platform with its new smartphone? As soon as we hear more about this new device, we will let you know more. In the meantime, please do post all your comments below. Thanks

Source — Mac Observer — image via Engadget


One thought on “Sony Smartphone playing PSP games vs. Apple iPhone”

  1. If they want to make a killing they need to bump the specs up, Add a secound anlogue stick, make it affordable and brand it as psp 2 as well as a phone and a MP3 player. There you go sony you would have your Ipod killer!

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