Will you buy Apple iPad or save money for iPhone 4G?

Eventually you will be able to purchase the latest creation out of the Apple stable, the Apple iPad even though there has been some delay from iPad maker Foxconn, and it has been said that there will be a limited launch of the iPad of around 300,000.

However, some people look on the iPad as just a giant version of the iPhone, so if you already have an iPhone you may give the iPad a miss, but then again you may not and may jump aboard the iPad ship.

There has been rumours floating the net waves that when the latest iPhone hits the market, and as we know the iPhone 4G will arrive at some point in the game, the iPhone 4G as it is known, will possible command a cheaper price.

So we have a question for our readership today, and the question is will you buy the Apple iPad, or save you money for the iPhone 4G? I guess it’s a matter of just how portable you want your portable device, iPhone size or iPad size. So what will it be, iPad or iPhone 4G, or both?


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  1. I believe in technology and there is a bit of difference in price between iPad and iPhone, so I decided to buy iPad due to its portability and usability but one issue is there I want iPad on very urgent basis and many of the UK’s online portal is showing that iPad is out of Stock, than I found it on one e-retailer http://www.prepaymania.co.uk/mobilephone/apple-ip… where I can buy it 16GB iPad model at 449.00GBP(inc. VAT), so it is cheaper or costly than others?

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