RIM’s Blackberry to be overtaken by Apple iPhone by 2011

A recent article over at beta.thehindu.com suggests according to reports by Forbes online that the Apple iPhone is about to overtake Research In Motion’s Blackberry by next year.

As we know presently BlackBerry has about 3% of the world’s mobile phone market and Apple have just 2% share of the market. The difference in the lead is changing as BlackBerry’s lead shrinks and will in fact probably overtake RIM according to Forbes.

The reasons given by Forbes for this prediction is that Apple’s ecosystem of consumer products and services are more appealing to customers than the Blackberry. Obviously another thing that will impact is the end of AT&T exclusivity as this will give Apple’s iPhone a much wider distribution level in the US.

Both Research in Motion and Apple have made huge gains since 2007 with the iPhone increasing its market share from 0.3 to 2% and BlackBerry going up approximately from 1% to 3%.

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