Apple Uses Local Laws to get iPhone into China

The Chinese mobile market is a huge attraction to the like of Apple and their iPhone and Apple isn’t going to give in easily as they want their price of that massive market. Sop according to an article over on techeye, Apple has taken a tactic of flexing to local law rather than trying to tell the Chinese government what to do.

The iconic iPhone has already been launched in China, but the Chinese iPhone doesn’t work on WiFi dsue to Apple refusing to adopt the Chinese standard, even though it could easily use the standard, but apparently Apple spun the tale to make it look as though it was a Chinese government decision.

Having said that, the word is Apple is working with China Unicom to deliver an iPhone with WiFi capabilities in China as many of the iPhone handsets have gone unsold and are still sitting in Unicom warehouses.

Apparently Chang Xiaobing, the CEO of Unicom has told the WSJ that is looks like Apple has been force to bend if they want to shift their “expensive toy phones in China.” He continued to say that Apple has redesigned the iPhone so it can use both WiFi standard and Chinese WiFi standard WAPI.

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