Verizon Gains NFL Mobile Redzone Next Month

The National Football League comes to the Big Red in April and once the season begins, users will receive Redzone, and live streams of both Sunday and Thursday night matches along with on demand video analysis and highlights reports an article over on engadget.

With NFL Mobile on the Verizon network there is also a pick by pick draft tracker, fantasy information, live home and away radio broadcasts, graphics, ringtones and the usual abundance of content.

Verizon wireless also becomes the official wireless service sponsor for NFL, and NFL fans can get their first taster of NFL Mobile on Verizon with the NFL Draft from 22nd of April to the 24th of April.

Currently no word on what mobile devices will run NFL Mobile or what pricing it will command, but apparently Verizon will have exclusivity over NFL Mobile for the next 4 years, which word has it cost then a tidy sum of $720 million.

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