Half of Workers Still Use Smartphones when Driving

You’d think with all the coverage using a mobile phone when driving has been given people would wise up to the fact that it is dangerous, not only to themselves but other road users. However, the results of a recent survey by CareerBuilder shows that more than half of workers check email and do other tasks whilst driving on business, reports information week.

In November of 09, CareerBuilder surveyed in excess of 5200 workers and 54 percent of all workers taking part admitted to using their smartphone while on the road.

The survey even goes further by crunching the numbers down to profession which resulted in 66 percent of sales workers use a smartphone when driving, 59 percent of professional and business service workers do the same, and a big shock is that 50 percent of healthcare workers take the risk.

However, mobile workers don’t just check their mobile phone while driving as figures also show the 62 percent check during a meal, 60 percent when on holiday, 57 percent when using the bathroom, 50 percent when in bed, 25 percent when at the movies, 18 percent when on a date, 17 percent while working out, 17 percent while attending a child’s even, and 11 percent even check their smartphone when in church.

But the big issue here is that overall that 54 percent who continue to use their smartphone when driving. It is time to change that and wise up to just how big a risk you are taking with peoples lives.


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