Video: Palm webOS running Unreal Engine 3

The guys over at engaget recently spoke with the head of the gaming group at Palm and he showed off the Unreal Engine 3 running on Palm’s webOS platfrom which they ported over by means of the Palm PDK, and of course the guys wouldn’t miss the opportunity to grab the occasion on video.

They say the Unreal Engine 3 runs fairly smoothly on webOS with only a small bit of artifacting, and Palm has it set up to demo the game at 1 fps when in card view. However this doesn’t solve the problem of simulating dual analog sticks like most touch screen shooters don’t.

They also say that as far as they are aware there still isn’t any games which have been built for the mobile engine which has already been shown for Tegra 2, iPhone and is apparently headed for the Apple iPad.

So now that that’s said all that remains is for you to head on down to the almost one and a half minute Unreal Engine 3 on webOS video and enjoy.

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