Verizon Palm Plus Handsets Mail-in Rebates Goes Bye-bye

The pain of purchasing a new smartphone for many in the US is having to go through the rigmarole of the dreaded mail in rebate system, something no doubt many simply don’t get round to doing. However if you are a Verizon customer you can wave goodbye to that mail-in rebate on Palm handsets.

According to an article over on shutter voice, the Big Red is ditching the mail-in rebate on the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus smartphones and instead, customers will receive an instant online rebate when purchasing either of the Verizon Palm Plus handsets.

Apparently this ditching of the mail-in rebate system on the Palm smartphone is due to the expectation of the online customers who want instant rebates, and this was the feedback Verizon received from customers according to a Verizon rep.

As the wireless smartphone market is highly competitive, Verizon apparently decided to heed its customer’s feedback and drop the mail-in rebate and give instant online rebates, the Verizon rep said. However, if Verizon is heeding customer feedback then why not go the whole hog and ditch mail in rebates altogether and not just for the Plam Pre Plus and Pixi Plus?

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