Is there more demand for Apple iPad or iPhone 4G?

No one can doubt the huge success of Apple’s iconic iPhone, the iPhone is the king of smartphones with many rival smartphone manufacturers trying to produce that elusive “iPhone killer,” but since the arrival of the iPhone it grabbed the smartphone crown and has managed to retain the title against all comers.

The entire mobile phone world looks towards Apple as time draws near to their traditional iPhone announcement date of June when everyone expects the next generation iPhone to land, and for months before, the rumours of what will be expected from the iPhone 4G as it has become known will heat up right up until iPhone day.

However, Apple is pushing out their latest creation, the Apple iPad, in which there is also much interest, and there have even been rumours that the iPhone 4G will command a lower price tag due to the availability of the Apple iPad.

The iPad is quite similar to the iPhone other than being bigger of course, and if the iPad has generated such big interest, could it possibly damage sales of the iPhone 4G? The iPhone is hugely popular, and no doubt the iPad will follow suit in popularity, but is there more demand for Apple iPad or iPhone 4G?


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