Portal 2 Game going to Macs, what about iPhone then?

Apparently the April issue of GameInformer magazine will feature a cover story on the sequel to Valve Software’s physics powered puzzle game Portal, Portal 2, which is expected to become available towards the end of this year, reports an article over on the tech herald.

Portal 2 will be released on the Xbox 360 and for Windows systems, and reportedly takes place hundreds of years after the original Portal game and involve not only the usual sterile test rooms within the Aperture Science Lab but also a jungle based environment.

Gamers will again play Chell as in the original game while GlaDOS again is the villain, and is described as a standalone game which the word is will retail for US$49.99.

Along with revealing details of Portal 2, according to an article over on gaming union, Portal 2 will be released not only for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC but also for Mac. So if Portal 2 is coming to Mac, then will it eventually come to the iPhone?


3 thoughts on “Portal 2 Game going to Macs, what about iPhone then?”

  1. Victor says:

    Off course it will appear on the iPhone and the iPad.

    Apple has made changes to make it easier for developers to move back and forth between mobile and the Mac. They are even giving away the Mac developer’s SDK for only $99 just as they do for the iPhone.

    The merely curious can try it for free. Skills used on one easily transfer to the other. The main difference is mobile code is built around a multitouch interface instead of a persistent mouse cursor.

    The multitouch mobile device interface makes more sense for games anyway, especially on the larger and faster iPad.

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