Nexus One in Stock at eXpansys for £599

For anyone in the UK looking to grab hold of an Android packing Google Nexus One superphone it appears that eXpansys now have the handset in stock and are offering the device for a rather expensive £599 reports intomobile.

I’ve been with Android since the first handset the T-Mobile G1, actually I still use it, and had the Nexus One been available when my upgrade time comes around I would have probably opted for the device.

However at £599 it seems quite expensive and would certainly make a dent in the wallet. Apparently according to the article, most UK e-tailers seem to be offering the Nexus One around the same price point, yet if one goes the direct from Google route the Nexus One will cost you £385.

A fair old whack of a price difference that, and one that will probably stop a lot of people purchasing the Nexus One from e-tailers as going direct to Google would save them a couple of hundred quid.

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