Verizon Will No Longer Promote Palm Pre Plus

Nothing like jumping ship when the chips are down, which it looks like the Big Red is about to do with the Palm Pre Plus, as according to an article over on examiner, Verizon Wireless will cease promoting the Palm Pre Plus at the end of this month.

Firstly, one can’t really blame the Big Red for stopping promotion of the Palm Pre Plus when you consider the news about Palm stock and such, which no doubt is worrying to Verizon.

Then again, the article states that their source says people would go into a Verizon store and look at the Palm Pre Plus and Verizon reps would show them their Motorola Droid, which no doubt swayed some people from purchasing the Palm Pre Plus.

The article also says that according to LA industry analyst Paul Mueller, that Palm releasing several defective devices on Sprint last year has turned customers off the smartphone, and when a device gets returned people hear about it.

So it looks like another death nail in Palm’s coffin, one wonders if Palm can actually turn it around and come out the other side fighting.


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