Samsung Takes on Apple with 4G Android iPad Rival

It’s not only in the mobile phone arena that Samsung smartphones go up against the Apple iPhone, but both are also rivals in the tablet arena, as Samsung is going up against Apple with their own iPad rival by packing in the latest tech reports an article over on techradar.

The word is a new Samsung tablet will be taking on the Apple iPad by opting to include the Android operating system rather than Windows 7 because Windows 7 will slow things down considerably.

There has already been some criticism of the iPad due to lacking some key software and hardware features and it looks like Samsung is taking advantage of that by putting in more ports presumably USB and even memory card expansion something the iPad is also lacking.

There is one area though that may give the Samsung tablet the edge over the iPad and that is 4G connectivity which the Samsung table reportedly can use while the Apple iPad trails along on 3G.


One thought on “Samsung Takes on Apple with 4G Android iPad Rival”

  1. Fransen says:

    I was so looking forward to the iPad, but was disappointed beyond reason when I found out the size of it. I would buy a 6″ X 8″ in a heartbeat, but can not see who would want to try to pack and protect an iPad. I can see the screen being broken the first time you are forced to pack it rather than carry it on an airplane.

    I love my iTouch, but the keyboard is a bit on the tiny side for most men. A 6 X 8 would be the LOVE of all seniors… big enough to read, great for pictures, games, reading blogs, and news… Who cares about music… cheap Mp3 for $25 will do that.

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