3G Networks, Who Really Has the Fastest?

Over in the good ole US of A, there is a battle going on between the big boy operators over who delivers the fastest 3G network, but who really does have the fastest 3G network in the US? Well the guys over at Gizmodo ask the question.

In their last nationwide 3G speed test, AT&T came up trumps beating all other carriers; now though they have run their speed tests on the T-Mobile HSPA+ network, and say that it is dead fast at 21Mbps and blows other 3G wireless out the water.

However as it is only available in Philadelphia at the moment it doesn’t mean a great deal, but asked T-Mobile if they were going to expand quickly to which they responded that they expect to have HSPA+ deployed across the breath of their 3G footprint by the end of the year.

Not forgetting the Big Blue they also asked AT&T who responded with they are deploying their next-gen 3G tech HSPA 7.2 along with thousands of backhaul connections to considerably increase speeds on their 3G network which is already being made available to millions of customers.

AT&T 3G covers 233 million people while T-Mobile covers 185 million people so it could be that T-Mobile may take the 3G crown, but remember we are only talking 3G here and not 4G.

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