Opera Mini For iPhone Count up until Apple Approve

Opera Software has submitted Opera Mini for iPhone to Apple for their approval to be included in the Apple App Store, and thus give iPhone users the option of using a faster browser than the iPhone already sports.

However according to an article over on intomobile who gain the info courtesy of the guys over at gizmodo, who received the tip off from the Twitter account of SuGeneris, Opera has slapped up a timer which counts up just how long it takes Apple to decide on whether Opera Mini for iPhone receives approval.

So far Apple hasn’t allowed any 3rd party browsers into the sacred halls of their App Store, so there is a possibility Apple may refuse, so if that happens I’m not too sure what Opera could do about it other than incite the rage of the iPhone toting pubic to back their cause.

If Apple says no, what then? Will Opera drag in the FCC; perhaps take legal steps to get their browser accepted, who knows but for now we all wait to see whether Opera Mini for iPhone will actually get the chance to come out and play.

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