BlackBerry and the Budget 2010 when to put it down

An interesting budget again, great new for first time buyers so I’ve heard. David Cameron made a comment or warning which if is taken on board could pave the way for a massive social change.

He also suspects a lower rate of family break ups, he noticed however during his riposte to Alistair Darling that half the members of the Labour bench were too busy fiddling around with none other than their Blackberries. He was apparently heard to say put them away!

In some circles it does seem to be quite acceptable to check your emails, without any explanation or reply to a text in the middle of a conversation no matter how important it may be.

Pretty much wherever you are or whoever’s company you may be in it is clearly bad manners to get out your Blackberry. It was quite obvious that during Mr Cameron’s response to the budget, they gave the impression that they weren’t that interested. What’s your views when is it acceptable to get out your BlackBerry and when is it clearly bad manners? source – telegraph.co.uk

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