Verizon iPhone 4G needed to compete with Sprint Evo

Sprint has done a wonderful job announcing the new HTC Evo 4G smartphone, but a Verizon iPhone 4G is needed to compete.

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G Android 2.1 will be coming this summer on Sprint’s WiMAX network and we know that Verizon is working on their 4G Network, with that said many customers are pushing for information if Verizon will be releasing the iPhone 4G to its wireless network.

Verizon Wireless 4G network is based on LTE Technology (Long Term Evolution) and we know that it is similar to WiMAX, its time to get the ball rolling Verizon, just keep pushing at Apple and come up with a deal.

It would be good to see a Verizon iPhone with 4G LTE and of course AT&T can keep the iPhone as well with 4G speeds.

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