HTC Windows Phone 7 Smartphone by Year’s Ends Says HTC CEO

So when will HTC bung out a smartphone sporting Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 Series operating system? Well apparently Peter Chou, HTC CEO while at CTIA gave an interview to Forbes Elizabeth Woyke in which Chou let slip some interesting morsels of info reports an article over on intomobile.

So here’s what HTC CEO Peter Chou revealed…the Google Nexus One has shown the world that HTC is the top Android brand, and regardless of consumer success, the Nexus One has managed to deliver new business to HTC.

Probably the most important morsel though was when Chou said he is “thrilled” with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and HTC expects to release a Windows Phone 7 smartphone by the end of this year.

So there it is, we should see an HTC Windows Phone 7 Series handset sometime near Christmas, maybe just in time to grab one for yourself or the love of your life.

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