Nokia E72 Verses BlackBerry Bold 9700 Comparison

Over in India, competition has been hotting up in the smartphone arena and recently Nokia launched the Nokia E72 and RIM launched the BlackBerry Bold 9700 to the Indian market and now both go head to head in a comparison review done by infotech.

They start by noting that the BlackBerry bold 9700 lacks the super-skinny 10mm frame of the Nokia E72 but does offer a sharper vivid display than the Nokia E72. As for messaging, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is more enjoyable but the keyboard is less spacious than the original Bold.

Messaging on the Nokia E72 is better geared towards furious typing and although the Nokia E72 provides an easy to use desktop experience, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 seems to be friendlier in email.

They do say that compared to the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the Nokia E72 is a multimedia tour-de-force and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 camera feels like a middle performer while the Nokia E72 camera delivers pleasing results.

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